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I’m a real rebel with a cause

There is no greater revolutionary female vocalist of blues, jazz, soul, and the amalgamation of it. Nina Simone can emote like no other–but her angry, cathartic episodes are her greatest feats in pouring all her feeling into a a trough of volatility and revolutions.

And now, music devotees who want to be surrounded by this anger have quite the chance. Next month, a new Nina Simone compilationProtest Anthology, that features all of her most famous revolution tunes, will be released, much to this here blog’s sincere excitement and anticipation.

A true revolutionary by her very nature, Nina Simone was one of the few classically trained black pianists of her time, absorbing Bach and asserting she played “black classical” not “jazz”–a term invented by whites to describe black music.

The compilation will include such masterpieces as “Revolution, Parts 1 and 2”, as well as the brilliant tune “Mississippi Goddamn”, which is a sweeping explosion of frustration, downright disgust, and anger in regards to the horrifying case of four girls killed at a Birmingham, Ala. church bombing by white supremacists. The tune marked a turn for the singer, delving into the world of music as political commentary, in which she would release a whole bunch of penned revolutions in the coming years. “Mississippi Goddamn” originally appeared on the 1964 Nina in Concert record, which compiled a whole slew of performances Simone gave at Carnegie Hall, in which she noted “Mississippi Goddamn” was a show tune whose story has yet to be written. The track would be banned across several southern states, presumed to be because of the word “Goddamn”, but others argue it was a form of censorship of yet another African American in the deep South.

In a pinnacle event for her move towards the revolutionary, Simone would play the track for 40,000 picketers at the end of the Selma to Montgomery March in 1965.

As if you needed any more reason to pick up this new gem, the release will feature a whole slew of the aforementioned classics alongside a selection of rarities and interviews with Simone, in which she will often describe a track and the emotion behind it. Golf claps.

The tracklisting is as follows:
1. By Any Means Necessary (Interview) 2. Revolution 3. Mississippi Goddamn (Interview) 4. Mississippi Goddamn 5. Old Jim Crow (Interview) 6. Old Jim Crow 7. Backlash Blues (Interview) 8. Backlash Blues 9. Four Women (Interview) 10. Four Women 11. Nobody (Interview) 12. Nobody 13. I Wish I Knew How It Would… 14. Strange Fruit (Interview) 15. Strange Fruit 16. Definition Of An Artist 17. Why? The King Of Love Is Dead 18. To Be Young Gifted & Black (Interview) 19. To Be Young Gifted & Black

An absolute must for all music devotees–not just the Nina Simone obsessed like thy Pulp and Circumstance blog.



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