Benjamin Clementine – in Wikiwand

Benjamin Sainte-Clementine (English pronunciation:/ˈbɛndʒəmɪn ˈsən ˈkləməntɪn/; born 7 December 1988)[1] is an English musician, poet and pianist.[2] He grew up in North London before moving to France and subsequently performed on the British television programme Later With Jools Holland.[3] He has been particularly praised for his unique piano playing, charisma on stage and his powerful vocals which is mostly compared to that of  Nina Simoneand Antony Hegarty[4][5] He is noticeably seen playing on stage entirely in black or dark grey long trench-like woollen coat with no shirt underneath, in bare feet.[6][7]


Benjamin Clementine – Wikiwand.



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